No Frame

"Veronica has helped me so much. Veronica is the only counselor that actually talked to me like an equal and didn't look down on me for my situation. She helped me realize what I was truly capable of, and for that I am forever grateful and she will always be a great influence in my accomplishments" Adolescent client ~ Joan

"... After my session of hypnosis, I was able to calmly go through my surgery. I feel as if I had a quicker recovery and more positive outcome ..." Client preparing for surgery

"Veronica helped me with the biggest problem in my life; that helped me become a more ambitious and out going person" Adolescent client ~ Kalonie

Veronica "had me draw and pick out adjectives to describe me and open up to everyone else." Adolescent client~ Paige

“I really felt like our visualization pulled me through the finish line.” A client preparing to run a marathon~ David


Envision Yourself

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